Focus on 3 Areas (Sung in the Key of C)

Organizations that excel on social platforms share two common traits: (1) Social is a part of their overall communication strategy – not an afterthought; and (2) there is a universal understanding that social networks require constant care and attention.

Set your organization up for success by having a strategy to tackle the “3 Cs”:

  1. Content: The content you deliver should lead to greater transparency in your organization. Transparency is an absolute expectation in this space. Make sure you are delivering information that better informs your fans of your mission and needs, gives them insight into daily life at your organization and prompts them to provide feedback. Start a conversation, join a conversation, listen and participate … most of all – have fun!
  2. Communication: No surprises, your communication strategy should focus on the who, what, when and where to post. But perhaps more important is the need to build a plan for the conversations themselves. How long will it take you to respond to a question posed on Facebook? You receive an @ mention on Twitter … how long will it take you to acknowledge it? Lack of response or absence of response can lead to a quick death in the social space. Set yourself up for success – make sure your communication plan includes response times for every platform.
  3. Community: Community managers are the people from your organization on the front lines of social conversations. They manage content, interact with your fans and serve as the stewards of your online relationships. While larger nonprofits may have dedicated staff for this position, many of you are likely not so fortunate. Put a plan in place that enlists the help of colleagues to serve on a volunteer community management team. Dedicated attention here will help support your content strategy, communication strategy and contribute to overall success.

P.S. Congratulations to Sesame Street for hitting the 1 billion views milestone on YouTube! If you haven’t already, check out their channel. I have wasted Sunday afternoons there!


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