Why Nonprofits Should Care About Oreo’s Slam-Dunk Success

In hindsight, it’s almost laughable how simple Oreo’s ad was. No, not the $4 million spot they paid for on CBS that evening during Super Bowl XLVI. It was the free tweet they posted on Twitter during the power outage at the Superdome with a clever, yet simple banner picture of an Oreo cookie placed near a looming shadow.

Oreo captured the power of real-time marketing with a cheeky slogan — “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” — playing on the technical gaffe during the Super Bowl. The ad was retweeted 10,000 times in the first hour alone.

Its creative team was armed and ready for a moment like this, aware that people are increasingly connected. In fact, watching TV is hardly an isolated activity these days (about 80 percent of smartphone users tweet, text and surf while watching TV).

What This Means

While this isn’t the lone example of smart real-time marketing, it illustrates its power when used correctly. Think about this: That quick tweet trumped their $4 million commercial’s post Super Bowl buzz. Oreo shows that being nimble, aware and having an expedient approval process are crucial for social media success.

Your Next Steps

Make sure your content and community management strategies accommodate for live events. For example, if you’re a university,  be ready to comment on the results of the big game that everybody is watching. If you’re an animal rescue organization, be involved in live events like the Westminster Dog Show.

In short: Stay alert and engaged!


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