A Video Is Worth a Thousand Words

Take 5 minutes to watch this video.

This inspirational video was posted by Diamond Dallas Page Yoga, a hybrid yoga and fitness system.

What This Means

Text and images are good. Video is richer, invoking sight and sound. Video can be expensive (monetarily and time); however, many barriers have fallen thanks to YouTube and Vimeo. Bonus: most successful videos are amateur and produced and edited with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

The inspirational video is successful because:

  • It’s under 5 minutes. The conflict appears within 15 seconds.
  • Video and pictures were used to show progression and resolution. The pictures provided progression; video provided updates and success.
  • The correct music was chosen for an emotional touch. 
  • Text was used to pace the story. The words informed and humanized the narration.
Next Steps
  • Use a video camera, smartphone or flip video to record.
  • Craft a video with still and moving images.

Show donors, recipients, projects in progress and completed projects.

  • Keep videos under 5 minutes.
  • Humanize the voice of the video.
  • Tell the story with emotion.
  • Keep audio and text simple and conversational.

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