Why Zappos Gets It 


“We’re sorry, really sorry, but there’s nothing we can do,” goes the customer service rep.

You: “Well, I’m taking my business elsewhere.” 

Customer service rep: “Sorry to hear that.” 


You: “I’m going to post this experience to my Facebook and Twitter.”

Customer service rep: “Wait! No, no!”

What This Means

People today have personal broadcast outlets to spew about consumer/charity experiences, and brands have taken notice.

For example, the shoe giant Zappos employs a Chief of Happiness who coaches the company’s customer care team to carefully listen and respond to complaints in social media. In many instances,  they’ll send dissatisfied customers something surprising, like pizza or flowers – not a discount.

Your Next Steps

Create a social media response strategy that doesn’t just handle complaints and tempers people’s displeasure, but becomes an opportunity to thank them as Zappos does – one of the most powerful experiences a donor can have.


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