Patience Marketing: Is There Such a Thing?

By 20th century standards, planned giving marketing is a contradiction. It requires patience while extolling the virtues of helping others instead of benefiting the donor. 

Yet by 21st century standards, that may not be the case. More people are learning to ignore the blitz and glitz of advertisers – some of whom are beginning to understand that instant gratification and fear are, frankly, common techniques that can get lost in shuffle. 

Volkswagen, for example, launched its Art Heist campaign, where framed photos of its 2012 Jetta GLI were posted around bus stops and other loosely secure spots throughout Canadian cities. Followers were encouraged to find the framed prints, keep them and share the coupes via a #VWArtHeist hashtag.

The goal of the campaign was to emphasis driving as a “beautiful” experience.

What This Means

People are conditioned for speed, professionally polished ads with the backing of celebrities, which is a nice way for saying they’re more likely to ignore what’s common. What’s not common? Patience, amateurism, less pressure to buy.

Your Next Steps

Tell a long-form story by simply profiling someone whom your organization has helped over time.

You don’t need much copy, just photos of that person – who they are and why your nonprofit is attempting to help them. Flickr is ideal for this type of storytelling because it is about beauty and brevity. 

Social media is a smart forum for showing snippets of life over time. 


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