How Sports Are Being Socialized

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.45.47 AM

With the emergence of social media and fantasy sports, fans are no longer content with mere box scores.

For example, Futbol Club Barcelona (that’s soccer for us Americans) gave fans the opportunity to become the official “FCB Instagramer” for one day. Fans were asked to post images about the club, its history and identity on Instagram using #IgersFC.

The winners of the contest earned the right to FC Barcelona’s official “Instagramers” for the FC Barcelona v. Osasuna match.

What This Means

Today, events are multi-dimensional experiences. People are willing content contributors. Asking your fans is not enough to inspire participation. People are naturally competitive and asking them to provide the best snippet of a charity-hosted event can foster the kind of engagement you’re looking for.

Your Next Steps

Make it simple: Supporters are often honored for their donations in your marketing materials.  Consider putting the spotlight on those who’ve provided the best photo of a church outing or a coat drive.

While many donors to charity still prefer anonymity, there is also evidence to the contrary: people want to feel appreciated for their charitable contributions.


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