A Facebook That’s Changing Science

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 9.48.12 AM

“You’ve got to see this” goes the ubiquitous Facebook post. The link jumps to a YouTube video of a dog saying “I love you” or a friend inhaling his sixth consecutive hot dog in an informal competition at the bar. 

But what if there were a social network designed to solve some of the deepest scientific and medical mysteries? 

Enter ResearchGate, a social networking site where scientists collaborate on solutions by sharing papers while seeking the input of its community. Membership is free and scientists can register through their Facebook profile. 

What This Means

Bora Zivkovic, a chronobiology blogger, said in the New York Times about open-collaboration science: “Lindsay Lohan is our competitor … we have to get her off the screen and get science there instead.”

The point being: Your social community is committed to your organization because it is an outlet for change, a reflection of their values and beliefs. 

Your Next Steps

Identify the obstacles your organization is facing and ask your social media community to help solve them together – daily. Empowering your most dedicated community members to bring solutions (like scientists) and share ideas can create a dynamic that wasn’t possible before social media.


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