The “Ask” in Social Media

“I understand, but would you be willing to donate 500 pennies?”

This frame of questioning is clumsy and playful on purpose. Called the disrupt-then-reframe technique, it intends to startle people’s routine thinking process and makes people concentrate. 

And it works: this method has been tested in 14 different studies on hundreds of participants. 

What This Means

Many nonprofits have learned that social media is an opportunity to show their playful side with candid photos and everyday dialogues that normally wouldn’t be carried out in newsletters or email.

While there are different ways to apply the technique, this playful approach is a smart way to tie in an “ask” on your community pages or at the end of competitions and contests.

Your Next Steps

Use this approach on Pinterest or Flickr, where a reader comes across the results of your good work and then reads the caption:

“For 3,000 pennies you can provide a year’s worth of medical supplies to a child like Sam.” 


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