Twitter: Let’s Get Started!

I know of Twitter, but I don’t get it.””Why should my organization even use it?

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Many people and organizations still don’t use Twitter saying they don’t understand its purpose.

During its early years, Twitter’s early adopters used it to quickly pass around information (as well as links to funny cat videos). Twitter’s heritage was and still is to be mobile friendly. Similar to SMS (that could only be 160 characters in length), tweets were limited to 140 characters per message.

Today, Twitter is used to provide updates on everything.

From dinner choice:

To sending a note to the masses:

And because of this, Twitter has become a digital record of stream of consciousness. If they think it, they “tweet” it. But is that its main purpose?!

Not at all! Many organizations use Twitter as an essential component to their digital communication strategy. Over the next few posts, we’ll focus on five areas to help you take advantage of this platform to both engage a wider audience and provide greater access to your key followers.

Jump to the others:
  1. Intro (You are here)
  2. Feedback
  3. Reporting Tool
  4. VIP Access
  5. Grass Roots Campaigns
  6. Digital Concierge

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