Twitter Series Part 2: It’s a Two-Way Street

Before social media, communication from brands and organizations were a one-way street. There were ways to collect feedback from others but the returns were skewed. Only a select group of the population ever gave feedback.

Enter social media. Suddenly this one-way street evolved into a loop. Donors and customers were no longer influenced from one direction (TV to couch, e.g.), they were influenced from multiple directions, and their experience could be viewed and collected by others.

The beauty of the loop is the ability to interact in real time. Feedback can be instant. This feedback can be limited to one user or shared across many users.

Television has started to embrace this quick feedback:

The Takeaway for Nonprofits:
  • Encourage feedback via Twitter using your organizations @username or #hashtag
  • Respond to feedback appropriately – see Digital Concierge (July 25)
  • Ask donors to tweet their experience at your dinner or event
Jump to the others:
  1. Intro
  2. Feedback (You’re here)
  3. Reporting Tool
  4. VIP Access
  5. Grass Roots Campaigns
  6. Digital Concierge

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