Twitter Series Part 3: The News Doesn’t Break, It Tweets

image from the movie Anchorman
There was a time, a time before cable. When the local anchorman reigned supreme.” – Anchorman

News used to break with reporters. Before reporting the news, however, reporters had to research, check facts and call sources before it made print or was uttered on air.

Twitter changed all of that.

Although news is still reported, news doesn’t break, it tweets. As one writer put it: think of it “not as a distraction but as a way to enhance [your] ability to report and share news.”

News on Twitter spreads faster than any other:

The Takeaway for Nonprofits:
  • Tweet photos and updates such as milestones for donation drives.
  • Report key facts about your organization with a hashtag.
  • Use Twitter to announce winners during campaigns.
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