Twitter Series Part 6: At Your Service

As explained in the Feedback post, social media allows for conversations between organizations and people. Feedback is great, but appropriate response is equally important.

You’re Doing It Right

One day, I visited my local Whole Foods for lunch and was surprised to see warm grilled salmon. I tweeted a playfully worded thank you @WholeFoods. Whole Foods replied back within 10 minutes.
Good Twitter response

Why This Works:

  • Quick Response
  • Tone of tweet matches the original
  • Tweet is personalized
You’re Doing It Wrong:

Patrick Stewart took to twitter to express his frustration dealing with Time-Warner Cable, but Time-Warner Cable’s response was not personal or quick enough. Stewart eventually tweeted his thanks to Dish Network for their prompt service.

Why This Didn’t Work:

  • Tweet wasn’t personalized
  • Tone of the tweet is mismatched
  • Response was quick, but not timely or helpful. A private message may have seen higher success rates.
The Takeaway for Nonprofits:
  • Respond to feedback appropriately and timely
  • Use private messaging to engage in private conversations longer than 140 characters
  • Personalize your response tweets
  • Match tones of tweets
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