Why Isn’t Your Nonprofit Using Twitter’s Vine Yet?

A Vine by UK charity Kids Company exemplifies how nonprofits can create awareness with short videos. 

You’re a progressive person, hip to technology and trends—right? So why haven’t you tried Vine, Twitter’s video sharing service? Vine is an ideal tool to educate, inspire, create awareness and even ask for donations…if done right.

Just about every person can do it:

  • Every video lasts 6 seconds—no matter the content.
  • All you need is a smartphone and a few moments to download the free app.
  • Oh—wait! You definitely need thumbs too. You’ll need these to operate the start-stop, touch screen functionality.

The cost of entry is very low and nonprofits, typically limited by budget or time, can use this tool to provide interesting content to its supporters in a unique way—say, a collection of canned goods being “magically” stacked up.

What Are My Next Steps?

Try writing an important message on a poster board and pausing the camera or tablet every time a new line needs to be written as if it were magically appearing.

Make sure you have a simple call to action at the ending. The looping action will instill the message more deeply. 


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