Mixbit: The Newest Kid on the Block (for now)

In response to Vine and Instagram video, another mobile video app has appeared: Mixbit, created by the same two guys who created YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

The idea is simple: shoot up to 16 seconds of video as a clip. Repeat this process up to 256 times for a combined hour-long movie. That’s great and all, but why would anyone bother to use Mixbit with Vine and Instagram video already existing?

One word: Collaboration.

Mixbit’s unique feature is collaboration. Each clip, once uploaded to the system, is stored within the library. Once a clip is in the library, it can be remixed by any user within the Mixbit community. (Note: as of this posting, remixing is not available on the mobile app.)

Additionally, clips may be uploaded as an unfinished project and finished later. The entire editing process can be done via the mobile app right away or saved for later. The editing process allows users to reorder clips, crop, delete, import new clips and photos (stored on the phone or tablet). Finished movies are also editable even after being published.

The Good
You can use others’ clips to remix a video showing different perspectives from mobiles and tablets. Remixing clips are not exclusive to just your clips either, you can pull from the entire Mixbit uploaded library.

Have an event happening soon? Why not have several staff members/volunteers record different parts from the event using Mixbit. Once everything is uploaded, remix the clips to make your final video!

The Bad
Any video clip you upload will become part of the library–in theory anyone can use your clips.

People retain the rights to their videos and can remove them at any time, but obviously while it is on the site, we and the community have the right to use it on MixBit. That includes everyone, even brands. Everyone is trying to express themselves and tell stories – even to sell products or services.”

The Ugly
As with any new service or app, there are bound to bugs in the system:

  • The app eats up mobile battery life
  • Uploads take longer than Vine and Instagram video
  • The website has some bugs in the system and can freeze in Firefox
  • Users are figuring out the formula for success (a lot of test clips)
  • The app is only available on Apple’s IOS system; Android OS support is due in September

The Beautiful
When viewing the clips on Mixbit’s website, the background will change color, which appears to be based on the dominate color in the clip. Below are examples from the movie: macro nature (tiny things made big).


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