How to Turn Transparency Into Entertainment With Social Media

It’s as if executives for Domino’s Pizza were re-enacting a movie scene where they decided to do everything contrary to its competition–no matter how zany or untraditional.

In 2009, the 50-year-old pizza chain essentially apologized for its pies in TV ads, reciting some of the negative feedback from social media sites. “The sauce is reminiscent of ketchup!” customers say.

Domino’s made good on the promise by revamping its ingredients with historic success.

More recently, the pizza chain launched Domino’s Live, a tool that allows customers to watch the pizza-making process in real-time on a web stream. After a customer places an order, they’re encouraged to visit to see how the sausage is made.

What This Means

Domino’s isn’t the first to take customers behind the scenes. This initiative, however, epitomizes the value of social media in that you have inexpensive and easy-to-use tools that your organization can use to provide your own donors and prospects behind the scenes access. Your donors want to how your organization is touching lives and yearn for more transparency on how your mission is moving forward.

Your Next Steps

Identify an issue that your donors want more clarity or transparency on.

Use a smart phone or digital camera to document how your organization is taking steps toward achieving this goal and post it to Facebook with a caption that describes your objective in the video. For example, if you work for an education institution, take a photo of a financial statement that shows how a construction project came in under budget.

Like Domino’s Pizza, it’s a matter of being brave and aware about the moments that provide insight into your mission.


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