Buying Shoes, Making Donations – Decisions Are a Social Experience

People ask friends for advice before making many decisions. Should I buy this car? Do you like this neighborhood? Did you like that restaurant? The same holds true with charitable donations. In fact, The Stelter Company’s own research shows that friends and family are the top influencers when making the decision to support a charity.

There is even more data to support influencers:

How can my organization tap into a donor’s influencers?

We funnel much of our lives through social media. We more often make major decisions–like selling a home, purchasing cars and choosing pediatricians–through the advice of friends and family on social media.

Your organization needs to figure out how to make the donation process more social.

Your Next Steps

Building credibility and trust takes time, which is why it’s imperative to provide stories on Facebook that illustrate your day-to-day impact – not just annual reports. This can be as simple as uploading a photo of a rescued dog, a car drive, a student saying thank you.

Consider using crowd-source tools like to rally people around a specific cause and let them urge their friends and family to join the cause.

No matter the method or tool, your organization has to build a social presence that documents its initiatives and day-to-day happenings so donors can share and recommend your mission to friends or family.


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