Leverage Your Fans Voices

A frequent topic of conversation we have with our clients centers around access to create content for social networks.

“My organization has a Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel — but our communications team does all the posting. How can I get involved? How can I get MY content on these pages? Should I ask for a separate page? or sub-page?”

You are not going to like my answer…it depends.

I think there is a bigger opportunity, however. Something much more universal…user-generated content (UGC). UGC can be defined as comments, tweets, photos, videos and pins that your fans are posting on your social pages. So many wonderful stories and powerful images get lost in the fast-paced stream of your social networks. Finding a way to curate and re-purpose this content in other formats such as direct mail, email and web can help you re-inforce your mission or articulate and enhance the case for financial support. Some quick ideas:

*Highlight Facebook posts and Tweets in direct mail appeals or newsletters (even on the mailing envelope!)
*Re-Use Instagram photos in print and on your website
*Make sure any YouTube videos are easy to find on your website
*Add curated social content to emails

How have you successfully shared social content in other channels?


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