So Your Nonprofit Doesn’t Have Time for Social Media?

“That’s nice,” says the nonprofit development director, observing a fellow nonprofit’s beautiful Instagram page. “But we just don’t have time for social media.”

Too often, I talk with nonprofit staff who say they cannot commit to social because they don’t have the time, the resources or full buy-in. I get it: Social media is not always a priority.

The problem?  It has become a major priority for your donors, no matter their age.

And while more people are using social media than ever, it is your donors who are increasingly relying on social for engaging with your organization.

What This Means

A 2013 study by Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, for example, found that social media has altered donor behavior and expectations.

“Social media creates new motivational triggers that, for savvy organizations and causes, can be viewed as opportunities to develop a wider range of donor engagement activities,” said Julie Dixon, deputy director for the Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication.

Thus, it’s time for your organization to start thinking about how you can use social media to not only communicate with donors, but to learn how social can support your direct mail and email outreach.

Your Next Steps

Whether your organization has already joined a social network or has several without much resources devoted to them, you need to at least make social media a weekly priority in your donor communication efforts.

Start small and simple: post pictures of donor meetings, legacy events, luncheons. Provide your supporters access to your organization they never had before.

My hope is that you fill a need for your donors: frequent engagement.


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