Nonprofit Vine Series Part 2 of 5: Say Thank You Like You Never Have

In part one of this series we showed you how an organization can use Vine to educate followers. Part two: just say thank you.

Diabetes UK, for example, uses Vine in a simple and effective way: Highlight those on staff who are grateful for donors’ support.

Rather than sending the traditional thank-you card, Diabetes UK created a Vine thank some of its Twitter followers who had completed a donation. While simple in terms of content, I think there is something more profound in this Vine: the humanization of brands and organizations. Social media has provided an outlet for businesses or nonprofits to act less formal, to act more human.

What This Means

One of the primary reasons for a donor to make a gift to a university or hospital is to show gratitude. Validate your donors’ gratitude by extending your creative thank you Vines. We advise organizations to cycle through staff, students and/or patients who are holding signs to express their gratitude. An additional step: Conclude the Vine with a call to action—contact information, an ask for a donation or a hashtag to help spread the word on social.

Your Next Steps

Vine offers the ability to embed your videos (as I have above) into your websites. Post a thank-you Vine near a donate button for a unique donor experience.

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