Nonprofit Vine Series Part 4 of 5: Give Donors VIP Access

“Engagement. It’s all about engagement.”

You’ve heard this before, right? The definition comes across as simple, sure, but it doesn’t always make the cartoonish light bulb go on. Want another way to understand the power of social media? Grant your supporters VIP access. Give them a behind-the-scenes look of the organization. This is called humanization.

Earlier this year, for example, the Wigan Stroke Association Voluntary Group created a couple of Vines to highlight their volunteers–most are stroke survivors themselves–at an induction ceremony.

Volunteers from the Wigan Stroke Association Voluntary Group are featured at induction event.

What This Means

Whether it’s an event or board meeting, use social media to show the human side of your organization. Provide an insider’s view, rather than a polished, professional one.

Use Vine to take short videos of the staff’s view of events, board meetings and various scenarios where donors are typically not present. Your donors will see your organization is full of people who are just as connected to the cause as they are, rather than a faceless machine.

Your Next Steps
  • Identify initiatives not normally profiled in an annual report.
  • Capture staff setting up for mission-related events.
  • Share staff smiling with one another.

Don’t underestimate opportunities for telling more behind-the-scenes stories on Vine.

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