Nonprofit Vine Series Part 5 of 5: Contests

The final part of our Vine series is about contests–a form of fundraising and interaction that is gaining popularity among nonprofits.  For example, Asthma UK asked fans and followers to stage a celebration Vine and tweet it back to a designated hashtag. According to their blog they wanted “people to get creative and show how they’d celebrate when a cure is found.”

Asthma UK playfully offers a Bagpuss as a reward to their supporters in this Vine-based competition.

What This Means

Social media has changed your donors’ expectations. While mission updates remain crucial, social media is also a place where your supporters expect to be entertained, laugh and even play games.

This Vine by Asthma UK is part of a larger trend among nonprofits: daring supporters to be part of a solution. The prize for completing the competition is key. It needs to provide value to your fans and followers—not necessarily monetary value.

Your Next Steps
  • Identify a mission objective.
  • Write down the objective on poster board.
  • Cycle through to a poster board that says, “If we raise enough $, then our development director will wear this.”
  • Conclude with a shot of an embarrassing outfit.
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  5. Part 5: Contests (You’re here)

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