How Save the Children Just Compiled an Annual Report Into a Tweet

Save the Children updated its followers via Twitter on the Typhoon Haiyan rescue efforts.

See that tweet from Save the Children? It includes a photo of the relief packages sent to the Philippines by Save the Children.

It’s brilliant, yet simple. It’s interesting, yet not staged. It’s a story, an authentic one that its supporters can be proud of. It brings supporters closer to the front lines of the Typhoon Haiyan rescue efforts in a matter of seconds, all with a few words and a powerful photo.

Trend in Action

Save the Children is leveraging a social trend: small bits of information can tell big stories.

The way nonprofits communicate with donors is changing. And in this instance, sometimes an emotion-packed tweet can tell a story of progress more than an annual report ever could. Your organization needs to develop this storytelling muscle as Save the Children has.

Questions to Consider

Picture this: After a board meeting, you and staff discuss a one-year project that came in under budget. Do you___?

A. Post a comment to Facebook about it
B. Post a picture of staff thanking donors for this achievement to Instagram
C. Do you take a picture of the financial document and provide a caption to Twitter
D. Create a Vine video of the board meeting and conclude with a shot of the project
E. OK…I get it: All of the above.


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