What Nonprofits Should Be Doing During the Super Bowl

You remember last year, right? The lights went out at the Super Dome. Your family and friends cracked wise about some electrician being in trouble and then you proceeded to bury another Frito in some sour cream.

Meanwhile, the clever people from Oreo were concocting something so clever and simple, that it shaped the way we think about advertising. They did it with something as simple as this…

In marketing circles, it has been colorfully adorned as the Blackout Tweet. The ad was retweeted 15,000 times. It also raked in enough awards to offend Meryl Streep.

The point being: All global events are intertwined with social media. Nonprofits simply cannot afford to ignore real-time marketing opportunities when all the eyeballs and thumbs will be commenting on Peyton Manning or the peculiar sight of snow this Super Bowl Sunday.

The mistake would to think of this opportunity as a fundraising opportunity. It’s not. It’s a conversation opportunity. Oreo won the ad war because it was topical, funny and relevant.

If your organization can do the same with relevant social content , you’ll have more to talk about than you ever imagined.

Thus, prepare to join the conversation with smartphone in one hand and Frito and sour cream in the other.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Community Fundraiser and commented:
    When the budget is tight and exposure of your cause is essential, you simply cannot afford to not take part in the real-time marketing opportunities put forth for you!

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