Crowdsourcing for Nonprofits Part 2:

Web version

The best thing about is its customization.
The worst thing about is the server speed.

If you want a page that looks like your own and has blog-like updates, this is for you. The styling is fully customizable, an optional free trial is available until you reach $5,000 in donations and most features are unlocked in the free version. Custom URLs are welcomed! The downside is the system itself. Slower connections may wait a long time for the page to load. The system also has a learning curve, so non-tech-savvy people beware!

Overall rating

3.5 out of 5
If styling is important, add +1 to the rating.

Mobile version
  • Styling of page is customizable
  • Pages can have blog-like updates
  • Custom URL or subdomain
  • Accepts Paypal
  • Accepts global currencies
  • Easy to navigate FAQ
  • Can be used by anyone: groups, teams and supporters regardless of 501(c)(3) status
  • No preset minimum donation
  • Personal and team fundraising options not allowed in free version
  • Page builder can be difficult to navigate and has a high learning curve
  • System may take a long time to log in and load pages for slower connections

Cost: Free or Packages
Page Builder: Yes
Custom Branding: Yes
Support: Yes
Custom URLS: Yes
Encryption: 256-bit SSL
Receipt: Yes
Refunds: Contact CauseVox
Multiple campaigns at once: Yes (depends on package)
Reporting/Analytics: Yes
API integration: Yes
Social integration: Yes
Responsive Design/Mobile optimized: No

Visit to get started.

Five Popular Nonprofit Crowdfunding Options:
  • fundraise
  • CauseVox (You’re here.)
  • Fundly
  • FirstGiving
  • razoo
  • Advertisements

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