Crowdsourcing for Nonprofits Part 3: Fundly

Web version

The best thing about is the important items on the donation page are above the fold.
The worst thing about is its template and popups.

After Kickstarter, Fundly is one of the more popular crowdsourcing sites. Its pages get right to the point of the campaign, and anyone can start a page! Users can use Facebook to log in, and a “near me” search is available on Fundly’s home page. The downside? Every page tends to look the same—little to no styling options. Also the system requires you to use WePay for payment processing. The page builder also has a slight learning curve, so non-tech-savvy people, beware!

Overall rating

3 out of 5

Mobile version (Android)
  • Offline donations can be added to keep the goal meter up to date and accurate
  • Can be used by anyone: groups, teams and supporters regardless of 501(c)(3) status
  • Mobile friendly app (iOS only/Android app in development)
  • FAQ section is easy to navigate
    • FAQ allows community voting for new feature developments
  • Facebook tab integrated
  • Local crowdfunding search on home page
  • Facebook sign in
  • Only supports US organizations
  • Preset $10 minimum donation
  • Every page looks the same—gray, white and orange
  • Must use WePay for processing payments
  • Page builder has a slight learning curve
  • Page builder may load a little slow for slower connections

Cost: Free or Packages
Page Builder: Yes
Custom Branding: Templated customization
Support: Yes
Custom URLS: Yes but after the slash
Encryption: 256-bit SSL
Receipt: Yes
Refunds: Yes
Multiple campaigns at once: Yes (depends on package)
Reporting/Analytics: Yes
API integration: Yes (depends on package)
Social integration: Yes
Responsive Design/Mobile optimized: Yes (iOS only)

Visit to get started.

Five Popular Nonprofit Crowdfunding Options:
  • fundraise
  • CauseVox
  • Fundly (You’re here.)
  • FirstGiving
  • razoo
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