Social by Stelter provides social media analysis, strategic planning and campaign management for nonprofit organizations nationwide, accelerating their fundraising efforts through today’s popular social platforms. From complex, integrated campaigns blending social outlets with traditional media – to a simple campaign or promotion – we develop strategies that deliver measurable business results.

Our team draws from a broad range of experience in marketing, development and social engagement to pair cutting-edge methods with marketing fundamentals. We give our clients the tools to leverage the power of social networks, building loyalty and community through increased engagement.

Social media presents new opportunities for nonprofits to extend their message and build an army of advocates. Yet many organizations struggle to form a social media strategy, integrate it into their traditional marketing activities, and execute it successfully. Social by Stelter helps tackle these challenges in several ways:

  1. Social Media Audit
    The Social Media Audit is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your current social media efforts and activities, with suggestions on how to: Improve engagement with your current audience;  Ensure all channels are consistent in representing your mission and purpose; Enhance your program through additional social media channels.
  2. Strategic Planning
    Where does social media fit in your overall donor communication strategy? How do you integrate your message on your social networks? How do you measure success? Leverage our experts to fine-tune your social media strategy or craft it from the ground up to fully integrate with your existing marketing activities.
  3. Campaign Management
    We partner with EngageSciences, the leading social marketing activation platform, to engage donors through cutting-edge social media games and targeted activities.  Powerful reporting provides a revealing look into your most influential advocates as well as how your message is being shared.
  4. The Social Hub
    The Social Hub aggregates your social media voices into a live visual display of your fans. This real-time story takes full advantage of user-generated content to amplify your message and engage new followers.


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