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Leverage Your Fans Voices

A frequent topic of conversation we have with our clients centers around access to create content for social networks. “My organization has a Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel — but our communications team does all the posting. How can I get involved? How can I get MY content on these pages? Should I […]

A Virtual Experience Can Be Just As Powerful

While watching my beloved Texas A&M Aggies lose a close football game to Alabama last Saturday, I was struck at how big my community has become. In the past, I would call one of my close friends at game time…and we would watch the entire game “together” – just as we did while we were […]

Focus on 3 Areas (Sung in the Key of C)

Organizations that excel on social platforms share two common traits: (1) Social is a part of their overall communication strategy – not an afterthought; and (2) there is a universal understanding that social networks require constant care and attention. Set your organization up for success by having a strategy to tackle the “3 Cs”: Content: […]