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What Do Pinterest’s and Instagram’s Sponsored Posts Mean for Nonprofits?

Pinterest is trialling sponsored pins: ads will look like actual pins. Social media has changed the way we consume information: We swipe, we sift, we scroll. (Sounds like the beginning of a Pink song, right? No? Nothing? Never mind.) Pinterest, among the most popular social networks with women, is designed to appeal to this behavior. […]

The Social Trend That Nonprofits Cannot Ignore

Maybe you’ve done it before: You pass by someone, a complete stranger, and wonder what their life story is all about. And then…you keep walking, never to see that person again. There has been a movement on Facebook to take a portrait of a random passerby and ask them their life story. It’s called the […]

Nonprofit Vine Series Part 5 of 5: Contests

The final part of our Vine series is about contests–a form of fundraising and interaction that is gaining popularity among nonprofits.  For example, Asthma UK asked fans and followers to stage a celebration Vine and tweet it back to a designated hashtag. According to their blog they wanted “people to get creative and show how […]

Nonprofit Vine Series Part 4 of 5: Give Donors VIP Access

“Engagement. It’s all about engagement.” You’ve heard this before, right? The definition comes across as simple, sure, but it doesn’t always make the cartoonish light bulb go on. Want another way to understand the power of social media? Grant your supporters VIP access. Give them a behind-the-scenes look of the organization. This is called humanization. Earlier […]

Nonprofit Vine Series Part 3 of 5: Creating Awareness in 6 Seconds

Creating awareness about key campaign components is easier than you think. Earlier this year, there was discussion about cutting funding to the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program or SNAP (formerly food stamps). Congressmen Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) took the SNAP challenge, by living on $4.50 of food a day. He also posted a fact about SNAP and […]

Nonprofit Vine Series Part 2 of 5: Say Thank You Like You Never Have

In part one of this series we showed you how an organization can use Vine to educate followers. Part two: just say thank you. Diabetes UK, for example, uses Vine in a simple and effective way: Highlight those on staff who are grateful for donors’ support. Rather than sending the traditional thank-you card, Diabetes UK created a Vine […]

Nonprofit Vine Series Part 1 of 5: Educating Supporters DIY-Style

Back in late 2012, Twitter acquired a 6-second video app named Vine. This app is shareable on both Twitter and Facebook. While initially used by teens and 20-somethings, Vine became the fastest growing app in the world in 2013. Already there are numerous examples of organizations maximizing its potential and your organization should too. Lowe’s, […]

Wait! Before You Put a Planned Giving Link in That Facebook Post…

For development teams at nonprofits, the most common way to use social media is to paste web articles into Facebook. This is good, except…is it always interesting? Let’s say you are a supporter of your organization on Facebook. Imagine it’s the end of the workday. You are waiting for your bus to take you home […]

5 Social Posts by Nonprofits That You Won’t Forget

The team at Social by Stelter is constantly on the lookout for nonprofits that use stunning visuals well in social media to raise awareness and/or advance their cause. Below are five examples that grabbed our attention. We encourage you to be bold and put one or two of these ideas to work at your organization. […]

Asking People to Contribute to Charity—Even When They Don’t Have Money

“Ideas spread from person to person, not so much from you to them.”—Seth Godin, author and marketing thought leader. Seth Godin is talking about a principle of marketing and communication: People rely on trusted friends and family for information.  In the past, we received a stimulus (a commercial that prompts us to buy or donate) […]