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How Gifs Can Lead to Gifts

Like many millennials, I don’t have a lot of money to give to charity. I give what I can and donate online—especially on #GivingTuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. I also give to charity with some of my girlfriends for Christmas instead of doing a gift exchange, and this year we gave to charity: water. The […]

Crowdsourcing for Nonprofits Part 5: Razoo

Web version The best thing about is its mobile friendly site and individual site option. The worst thing about is pre-setup pages need to be activated by the nonprofit. A nonprofit can have its own fundraiser and individuals can raise on behalf of the organization. A list of current individual fundraisers for that […]

Crowdsourcing for Nonprofits Part 4: FirstGiving

Web version The best thing about is the customization and donor challenges. The worst thing about is its cost and fees. Its custom styling can give the look and feel of your organization’s site. The optional peer-to-peer fundraising allows challenges to be set up among individuals (gamification!), and minimum donations are controlled by […]

Crowdsourcing for Nonprofits Part 3: Fundly

Web version The best thing about is the important items on the donation page are above the fold. The worst thing about is its template and popups. After Kickstarter, Fundly is one of the more popular crowdsourcing sites. Its pages get right to the point of the campaign, and anyone can start a […]

Crowdsourcing for Nonprofits Part 2:

Web version The best thing about is its customization. The worst thing about is the server speed. If you want a page that looks like your own and has blog-like updates, this is for you. The styling is fully customizable, an optional free trial is available until you reach $5,000 in donations and […]

Crowdsourcing for Nonprofits Part 1:

Web version The best thing about is its template. The worst thing about is its template. Its pages are clean and it is easy to locate everything you need. The important features are brightly colored and large. The mobile site is equally clean and user friendly. Setup is fast and free—a great option […]

Nonprofits: To Trade or Not to Trade Social Traffic for Donations?

Have you seen something like the example on the right before? (I’m sure you have.) This social “ad” poses obvious questions and requires you to like or share for an answer. But there are two problems with it: #1 It’s desperate. You may get likes and shares, but you may be unliked just as easily. […]

The Movie Starring Me: How Nonprofits Can Make Donors Feel More Awesome

I like to think of my life as a movie. I assume I’m not alone in that line of thinking as I’m sure you’ve mentally etched your personal legacy or life story. I have already chosen a much better looking actor to play me and I’ve paired myself with an Oscar-worthy cast. My movie would […]

Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions: A Debate About What Advertisers Will Do in 2014

The following is a friendly debate between Social Media Strategists Michael Mitchell and Jess Mimick about what to expect in this year’s Super Bowl ad war.  Michael: “OMAHA…OMAHA…OMAHA!” Peyton Manning shouts, eyeballing the Seattle Seahawks defense as they shift  coverage before the snap. “What does that mean anyway?” TV watchers say. Seconds later, they are […]

What Nonprofits Should Be Doing During the Super Bowl

You remember last year, right? The lights went out at the Super Dome. Your family and friends cracked wise about some electrician being in trouble and then you proceeded to bury another Frito in some sour cream. Meanwhile, the clever people from Oreo were concocting something so clever and simple, that it shaped the way we […]