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The Movie Starring Me: How Nonprofits Can Make Donors Feel More Awesome

I like to think of my life as a movie. I assume I’m not alone in that line of thinking as I’m sure you’ve mentally etched your personal legacy or life story. I have already chosen a much better looking actor to play me and I’ve paired myself with an Oscar-worthy cast. My movie would […]

Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions: A Debate About What Advertisers Will Do in 2014

The following is a friendly debate between Social Media Strategists Michael Mitchell and Jess Mimick about what to expect in this year’s Super Bowl ad war.  Michael: “OMAHA…OMAHA…OMAHA!” Peyton Manning shouts, eyeballing the Seattle Seahawks defense as they shift  coverage before the snap. “What does that mean anyway?” TV watchers say. Seconds later, they are […]

How Arnold Won Over the Internet for Charity

Arnold Schwarzenegger has won over the Internet in the name of charity. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 Arnold hosted his second Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit. He wrote: Watch Arnold prank Gold’s Gym members to help raise money for charity. On the same day, a hilarious video of him pranking people in Gold’s Gym […]

3 Lessons Learned About Social Media in 2013

Before I attempt to predict the future in 2014 in my next post, let’s savor the lessons learned about social media in 2013. 1. More Mobile, More Social Think about this: 63 percent of Americans say they check their smartphone hourly. Nine percent check their phone every FIVE MINUTES! Another study shows that people check […]

How Save the Children Just Compiled an Annual Report Into a Tweet

Save the Children updated its followers via Twitter on the Typhoon Haiyan rescue efforts. See that tweet from Save the Children? It includes a photo of the relief packages sent to the Philippines by Save the Children. It’s brilliant, yet simple. It’s interesting, yet not staged. It’s a story, an authentic one that its supporters can be […]

What Do Pinterest’s and Instagram’s Sponsored Posts Mean for Nonprofits?

Pinterest is trialling sponsored pins: ads will look like actual pins. Social media has changed the way we consume information: We swipe, we sift, we scroll. (Sounds like the beginning of a Pink song, right? No? Nothing? Never mind.) Pinterest, among the most popular social networks with women, is designed to appeal to this behavior. […]

The Social Trend That Nonprofits Cannot Ignore

Maybe you’ve done it before: You pass by someone, a complete stranger, and wonder what their life story is all about. And then…you keep walking, never to see that person again. There has been a movement on Facebook to take a portrait of a random passerby and ask them their life story. It’s called the […]

Nonprofit Vine Series Part 5 of 5: Contests

The final part of our Vine series is about contests–a form of fundraising and interaction that is gaining popularity among nonprofits.  For example, Asthma UK asked fans and followers to stage a celebration Vine and tweet it back to a designated hashtag. According to their blog they wanted “people to get creative and show how […]

Nonprofit Vine Series Part 4 of 5: Give Donors VIP Access

“Engagement. It’s all about engagement.” You’ve heard this before, right? The definition comes across as simple, sure, but it doesn’t always make the cartoonish light bulb go on. Want another way to understand the power of social media? Grant your supporters VIP access. Give them a behind-the-scenes look of the organization. This is called humanization. Earlier […]

Nonprofit Vine Series Part 3 of 5: Creating Awareness in 6 Seconds

Creating awareness about key campaign components is easier than you think. Earlier this year, there was discussion about cutting funding to the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program or SNAP (formerly food stamps). Congressmen Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) took the SNAP challenge, by living on $4.50 of food a day. He also posted a fact about SNAP and […]